Welcome to St John the Evangelist, Thornham.

St John’s is a family-friendly church community in the semi-rural suburbs of North Manchester.
We are an Anglican Church that it is alive in faith and actions.
We are a broad mix of age groups with people from the local and neighbouring communities.
Whether you are just visiting or looking for a place to call ‘home’ you can be sure of a warm welcome, we look forward to meeting you.

Our Vision
To offer worship and witness that honours God, inspires the faithful, engages enquirers and attracts new comers.

Our Services Every Sunday

10:30am in St Johns Church


Sharing Full Communion

Wine will be offered from a shared Communion cup. If you do not wish to take wine from a shared cup then please feel free to continue to take the bread only or to receive a blessing instead.

Please note that taking Communion in one form (either bread or wine) is still considered to be taking complete Communion.