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Roof Repairs


The roof work is now complete.


The second stage of the grant has now been approved by English Heritage in the sum of £171k which is slightly less than originally agreed as the tender price was lower than expected. The approved contractors are Lloyd & Smith Ltd and the commencement date is 9 June 2014 as it will take some two months for the roof tiles to be delivered after submitting an order. The work should be completed (weather permitting!!!!) in 16/20 weeks and it is expected that we will continue to use Church throughout the whole of this period.
We are enormously thankful to God for all of your generous contributions including  £215 from the uniformed organisations and £2,500 from an anonymous donor. Thank you for this help and support.  


Since 2006 we have received grants totalling £247,000 to complete the partial re-roofing of our Church.

In March 2013 The English Heritage Lottery Fund has given a further grant of £207,000 to complete the work.

We are currently waiting for the contract to go out to tender but anticipate the repairs will commence late 2013/early 2014.

Towards the cost the Church needs to provide circa £25,000 and we are currently awaiting responses to various applications for grants from other sources.

If you would like to support the Church with its fundraising you can forward cheques
made payable to Thornham St John's directly to
Nigel Spencer
1 Westbrook Close,
OL11 2XY.